Aaron Hawley


14" Modern Hats
22" Modern Ride
16" Modern Crash
18" Modern Crash

Aaron Hawley was born in Augusta, Georgia. Known to the band as "Black Bean", he is a multifaceted artist that can play guitar, bass, keyboard and various forms of percussion. *His favorite Scymtek Cymbals are the Modern 14" Hi-hat, Modern 22" Ride, Modern 16" Crash and Modern 18" Crash.

Aaron currently plays drums for Willess, *an alternative rock band from Augusta, GA. Similar to the styles of Weezer, The Pixies, The Toadies, Everclear, Thin Lizzy, and AC/DC. Willess formed in 2017 and is influenced by rock n’ roll with big catchy choruses. When not playing music, Aaron is an avid bike rider.


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