Brandon Lee
Masses Beware


13” Modern Hi Hats
16” Modern Crash
17” Modern Crash
20” Modern Ride
18” Xtreme China

Brandon is a hard rock drummer with different roots in some R&B, and a lot of Punk Drumming. Brandon has been playing the drums since middle school mostly playing snare drum, and was on the drum line as the bass drum player for South West Guilford High School for 3 years. Brandon has trained with Norman Allred, who is a main stream drummer in NC, who taught him how to read music and try out for the jazz band, and orchestra.

Brandon started out playing with many punk and post punk bands in high school such as Capital Punishment, Heroes of Yesteryear, and a metal band later that changed names too often but known as Cathedral of Chaos. He played with those acts and played through many states touring with them. Brandon later co-founded the band “Masses Beware” with his 2 brothers who he worked well with, and practiced all the time with. Masses Beware has gotten huge exposure, they kept 1st place in the battle of the bands warp tour nation spec, and stayed 3rd in the nation for the uproar tour battle of the bands. They have won many awards for the video City of Stone, and 3 awards for Scarecrow. The exposure is huge for them and continues to grow more every week.

Drum Specs: Spaun TLII series
Red Mocha Burst Color
Sizes 8x10, 9x12, 14x16, 18x22, and snare is 14x6.5


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