Byron Lattimore


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Byron Lattimore is a 27 year old professional drummer from North Carolina, with over 23 years of experience. He is a father of a 4 year old little girl named Jaslyn Lattimore.

Between work & working with the kids within the community, Byron’s push & motivation has been his music.

Musically, Byron has been featured on George Perkins Jr. & EnVision debut album entitled “Change Gone Come”. He has featured with groups such as the late James Lattimore & The Gospel Samaritans which is where he got his start at the age of four. Byron has also featured the late Robert Blair & The Fantastic Volinaries, The Brooklyn All Stars, Anthony Douglas & Zeal & Divinity.

Byron has played for the Thomasville Senior High School Gospel Choir, where they’ve traveled through North Carolina & Virginia singing. He has also helped the Thomasville Senior High Drum Line.

Byron currently plays for Friendship Baptist Church in Thomasville, NC under the leadership of Dr. Rev H.N Goode and Minister of Music Kenneth Dorrsett. He’s the backup drummer at the Emanuel Baptist Church in Thomasville, NC under the leadership of Rev P. Michael McNair. And he is also the Minister of Music for the group George Perkins Jr. & EnVision out of Greensboro, NC. Where he has been with EnVision for 6 years.

Byron Lattimore is also endorsed by Scymtek Cymbals.