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Clap FX Stack

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100% Hand-Hammered, Hand-Crafted, Premium B20 Bronze Alloy

Our Clap FX Stack provides an explosive smack with dark, smoky tones.  This enticing accent piece is a great addition to any setup.  11" 13" 15" set.

Dry, Dark, and Articulate - Our Vintage Series is a great choice for those seeking lush warm tones with increased stick definition.  A perfect blend of high-definition sticking with just the right amount of warm undertones.  Great for jazz, funk, R&B, and studio.  Unlathed, with aggressive hammering and a raw finish, all work together seamlessly to create the dark, dry, articulate voice of our Vintage Series.  Compare to Zildjian K Custom Dry, Sabian HH Dry, Meinl Byzance Extra Dry.

arrives at NAMM January 2024

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