Jacob Padilla


Vintage Series
14" Hi Hat
16" Crash
17" Crash
18" Crash
21" Ride
8" Xtreme Splash
17" Xtreme China
10" Vented Splash

Jacob started playing drums at the age of 4 at his church. By the age
of 10 he was the main drummer at church.
Jacob started playing a range of genres, from Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop,
Blues Gospel and more. Hes currently known for playing with Lyndsey
Elms from the Tv show "The Voice"
Jacob Is heavily involved in the christian music community for helping
upcoming musicians and A/V installations.

Instagram: Jacob_Padilla_Music
Youtube: Jacob_Padilla_Music

Jacob I Padilla
Call/Txt 1-707-416-6021