Jon Siren


14" Xtreme Hats
18" Xtreme Crash
19" Xtreme Crash
21" Xtreme Ride
20" Xtreme China

Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, Jon Siren developed a love for music at an early age during the MTV era. It took years of playing guitar and bass in local bands before finally moving onto the drums. Being a late bloomer on the instrument, he had to learn on the job as a late teenager with local punk bands "Medium" and "Inept."

In his early 20's, Jon moved to NYC and met one of his favorite industrial rock bands "Kevorkian Death Cycle." They had just lost their drummer and were looking at other possibilities. Jon jumped on this and moved to Southern California to join the band but in the process of moving, KDC had broken up. While out in Los Angeles, Jon met up with Natasha Cox and formed electronic rock band "Mankind Is Obsolete." The two went on to record multiple albums and still remains one of Jon's main project in which he is one of the chief song writers.

Since living in Los Angeles, Jon has had many opportunities to tour internationally with major label and independent bands in the electronic, industrial and metal genres. Jon is now the drummer for IAMX and has spent the last 14 years touring constantly with the following artists: IAMX, Mankind Is Obsolete, Information Society, Early Man, White Empress, Ancestral Awakening, Dawn Of Ashes, Hate Department, Dismantled, Psyclon Nine, kidneythieves, God Module, System Syn, Imperative Reaction, Inure, Christopher Anton "Former Information Society lead singer," September Mourning, Ludovico Technique and Aerodrone.

Jon's drumming and songwriting can be also heard in various films such as: The Virgin Murders, Promise and Amber Lake


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