Pierre Marche
Screeching Weasel


Xtreme 13" Hats
Xtreme 20" Ride
Xtreme 6" Splash
Xtreme 17" Crash x 2

Pierre Marche is currently playing for Screeching Weasel, Miracle Drugs and Sucka Punch.

Pierre is from Reno, NV. He studied drums under world class Latin/funk drummer Dom Moio. Combining Dom’s instruction and the acquired chops playing in his local high school marching, pep, jazz and concert bands, at the age of 16, Pierre began playing the local club circuit in Reno, performing with and feeding off musicians who were far beyond him in years and experience. He fell in love with punk rock music in 1995 after catching a Face to Face show in his home town.

Pierre’s past bands include: Stevedave (00-03), Stamp Collection Suicide (05-06), Pascal (06-08), Promises Promises (produced by Mark Kiczula 07-09). Calling Cadence, Big in Japan (Honest Dons/Insubordination Records 07-08).

Pierre’s current bands include: Sucka Punch (Fishbowl Records), Miracle Drugs (Rally Records with ex-members of Zoinks/the Juveniles) and Screeching Weasel (Recess Records/Fat Wreck Chords), whom he joined and recorded with in 2011. He continues to record, tour and promote these bands with Scymtek Cymbals and Spaun Drums.


EUNUCHS OF ARIZONA-Solid Massive Thing -1994 SUCKA PUNCH -The Super Bun 6000 Prototype -1996 SUCKA PUNCH -The Proof is in the Punch -1997 SUCKA PUNCH –Bustin’ Roids -1999 (Fishbowl Records) SUCKA PUNCH- self titled -2004 STEVEDAVE -Kaysolike-2000 STEVEDAVE -For the Remainder of the Duration -2002 STEVEDAVE- Backpacks, Sweaters and Patches -2003 STAMP COLLECTION SUICIDE –The Driver E.P. -2004 PASCAL- These Eyes have Miles-2006 PROMISES PROMISES -Mafioso Love Song- 2007 PROMISES PROMISES- self titled -2008 CALLING CADENCE-self titled- 2010 SCREECHING WEASEL –Carnival of Shadenfreude (Recess Records)


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