Scott Haynes
Mindset Defect


13" Classic Hats
17" Modern Crash
19" Modern Crash
20" Modern Ride
18" Xtreme China

Drawing from a deep pool of ground breaking influences, Scott Haynes has spent years to honing ability to allow him to excel in broad styles of music. Although he considers himself as a "rock" drummer, his technical skill has made him a go to drummer in the heavier styles of hard rock and metal as well. His versatility of style is as varied as his list of influential drummers, and that list has become quite long. Although he is predominantly self taught drummer, Scott has studied with several influential drum instructors, including the acclaimed clinician and Yanni's own drummer Charlie Adams. However, even though Scott has always worked hard developing his trade, he refuses to be just a "drummer". He has always been an active member of his band handling the recording, production, booking, management, social media, networking and contributing song arrangement and lyrics. In 2009 Scott's band Mindset Defect released a self produced E.P. entitled Device.The E.P. was a well received success and the effort earned Mindset Defect a number of ongoing local award nominations. In the end Mindset Defect won "band of the year" (2009 Buzz Rock Awards) "Metal Band of the year" (2010 Music City Mayhem Awards) "Live Metal Band of the year" (2011 Music City Mayhem Awards) and Scott himself has been awarded "Drummer of the year" (2009 Buzz Rock Awards) and two time "Metal Drummer of the year" (2010 and 2011 Music City Mayhem Awards). Scott's diligent work as a drummer has begun to pay off as he has joined with several of the industries most innovative companies as sponsors including SPAUN Drums, Scymtek Cymbals, Scorpion Stix, and Wornstar clothing.


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